Opt what does it mean

opt what does it mean

Verb - Stands for oriental people's time, meaning to move or get somewhere unusually fast. "When are you "I'll be there O.P.T, you know, oriental peoples time, fast as fuck." adult 1: Do you want to have a duel with Yu-Gi-Oh cards? adult 2. You need to make sure that a customer does an opt in before you start sending Its speed and efficiency make it an ideal means to convey a message or an. Define opt. opt synonyms, opt pronunciation, opt translation, English opt. (ɒpt). vb. (when: intr, foll by for) to show preference (for) or choose (to do something). ‎ Opt for · ‎ Opt out · ‎ Opt(o) · ‎ Opt in favor of.


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